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Banana Kush - Fem/Photo Seeds

Banana Kush Feminized Seeds

Breeder: Various

Genetics: Ghost OG x Skunk Haze

Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid (60% Indica / 40% Sativa)

Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks

Yield: High

Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Description: Banana Kush is a delectable indica-dominant hybrid that is beloved for its tropical aroma and potent effects. Feminized seeds of this strain ensure that all plants will develop into flowering females, making cultivation easier and more predictable. Banana Kush is known for its relaxing and euphoric effects, making it a popular choice for evening use.

Aroma & Flavor: As the name suggests, Banana Kush has a sweet, fruity aroma with prominent notes of ripe bananas. The flavor is similarly tropical, with hints of banana and other fruits, complemented by subtle earthy undertones. This strain's delightful taste and smell make it a favorite among connoisseurs.

Effects: Banana Kush provides a relaxing and euphoric high, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day. The indica dominance ensures a body-heavy effect, which can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. The sativa genetics, however, add a cerebral uplift that can enhance creativity and mood.

Growing Tips: Banana Kush feminized seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. This strain prefers a warm and sunny climate and requires regular pruning to manage its bushy growth. Indoors, Banana Kush has a relatively short flowering time of about 7-9 weeks. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest in early October.

Banana Kush - Fem/Photo Seeds


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