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Gorilla Glue 4x4 - Fem/Photo Seeds


•Parent Strains: GG4 (Gorilla Glue #4) crossed back to Sour Diesel F4

•Characteristics: A potent sativa-dominant hybrid that combines the heavy resin production of GG4 with the invigorating cerebral effects of Sour Diesel


•Aroma: Pungent mix of diesel and earth, complemented by hints of pine and sour lemon

•Flavor: Strong diesel flavor with notes of chocolate and coffee, finishing with a sour twist

•Effects: Delivers a rush of euphoric energy followed by a relaxing body melt

Grow Time:

•Indoor: 9-10 weeks from germination to harvest

•Outdoor: Best harvested in mid-October


•Indoor Yield: Up to 500 grams per square meter

•Outdoor Yield: Can exceed 600 grams per plant under optimal conditions

THC/CBD Content:

•THC Levels: Extremely high, often reaching up to 28%

•CBD Levels: Generally low, around 0.1%

Ideal Growing Conditions:

•Climate: Thrives in a controlled environment with consistent humidity and temperature; can also do well outdoors in a warm, semi-humid climate

•Feeding: High demand for nutrients, especially magnesium, to support its dense trichome production and large bud structure

Medical Benefits:

•Recommended for chronic pain relief due to its strong analgesic properties

•Often used to combat stress and depression, offering mental clarity and a mood boost

Gorilla Glue 4x4 - Fem/Photo Seeds


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