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Godfather OG - Fem/Photo Seeds

Female Seeds

Being one of the most potent hybrid strains on the market, Godfather OG is also commonly associated with intense pain-relieving effects, making this strain suitable for those looking for more natural pain management.


The THC percentage in Godfather OG seeds is usually somewhere around 30%, while one of the most famed hybrid Indica strains is also known for having a smaller CBD content, usually around 2%.

Flowering Time:

One of the most famed cannabis strains is favored among new and experienced marijuana cultivators as its average flowering time is usually between eight and ten weeks, which is rather reasonable for a strain of this potency.

Growing Difficulty:

If you are new to marijuana cultivation and looking to grow thriving Godfather OG seeds, go for it, as this strain is generally beginner-friendly. Your Godfather OG seeds should be fine as long as you keep temperatures between 70- and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, maintain a regular watering routine, and provide plenty of indirect light.

Aroma & Flavor:

This famed strain is known for its unusual aroma and flavor profile that is both bold and authentic. Compared to other popular strains, Godfather OG exhibits a profound aroma of Kush, pine, and fruits mixed with pleasant, sugary notes.

Godfather OG - Fem/Photo Seeds


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